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Hanukah Candles and Candleholders

Long Burning Hanukah Candles

Best Source and Prices For Hanukah Supplies

hanukah candles

Hanukah Candles
$11.49 for 45 Candles
C2512 A 3/8 by 5" Candles

(7.5"x 7.5") and Sells for $24.95

hanukah candles
5.5 inch x 5.5 inch Silver Menorah, Tree Design

Silver Menorah, Tree Design 5".5 x 5".5 $18.50  

These Pyramid candles are bigger diameter 5/8 and fit many pyramids from Germany. Pyramids come with many sizes of candle holders. Any candles slightly smaller, then your pyramid holders can be made to work by softening the bottom wax with a match and mooshing down while softened to fit. The larger diameter are more expensive but do burn much longer.

1/2 inch candle

The Kersen Pyramid candles are $10.89
for a box of 12 -5/8"x 4" inch candles.
When ordering by phone specify Kersen to distinguish.