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New Options to help it get there by Christmas. (no quarantees)

Note: There are too many options here to put on the direct pay pal ordering page and may be confusing. We want our customers to understand completely these options so suggest you call in your order where can discuss.

If you want to just use standard totally free shipping, (and many will get on time,) you can use the online pay pal ordering.

The Silver (nickel finish) Chimes and the Danish Ivory Candles are also available only by phone order.
Remember...We still offer......
Free Standard Parcel Delivery Anywhere in U.S.... May or may not make it on time....iffy, though if 19th or before many will still make it since with the extra help when it slows past the rush they catch up.

This now has some Upgrade Options.
These are not on order "online direct pay pal" ordering page, only on phone order since there is a lot of options and many need explanation and may be misunderstood on line.

1. Need do nothing....One single chimes we can send first class mail, Totally Free Shipping. May arrive much faster then package mail. Treated like any other first class mail delivery. We will on request add four extra white with any chimes sent first class. This will give you eight candles to use. Fast first class postal delivery, yet free of charge to you.

If add any additional weight, then exceeds first class limitations. Therefore, if ship your heavy candles regular mail, candle shipment may well make it in time for Christmas, but if does not you will have 8 candles for Christmas Celebration and refills expected in a day or two.

You can split candles portion into slower free mail shipping. If boxes of candles should arrive late you will have eight candles to use til they arrive.

Note: ($3.85 extra box and handling charge applies, if split a shipment into two shipments.)
Additional chimes sent first class require seperate boxing and handing charge since first class only handles weight of one chimes and four extra candles.
Note, If shipment split, requires two seperate boxing and handling charges.

2. Priority mail Upgrade... This is normally guaranteed three days, however, that is not promised during this season, but will be faster then the standard package shipping that we pay all costs.

On priority Mail Upgrade we still pay the postage but by your paying $1. per item to help upgrade costs to priority mail makes that work.
One Dollar per item priority mail option may speed post office delivery, and if rush over and caught up, with still lots of extra help, then most post offices will likely be resuming 3 day delivery or near 3 day.

Improve odds of faster Delivery. @$1 per item. Ask for "priority option."
        3 Boxes of candles, $3 Upgrade to priority mail total. Improves odds.

There are standard "overnight delivery" service offered by others and the U.S. Post Office, options that where if not delivered on time, refunded, we can arrange but wont go into here. Very Expensive.